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Six-foot-one, grew up in sixties and seventies, studied in England and France, worked in Japan and France ending up in Finland, love jazz music and burritos. Love sports when I can watch them on TV, eating pizza, chocolate biscuits and drinking bitter ale. It all sounds like brain damage.

The Fate of Poets – New EBook

Ovi Magazine celebrates the World Humanitarian Day adding a new Book in its shelves. “The Fate of Poets” David Sparenberg’s fourth EBook with Ovi magazine, dedicated to 45 years poem writing.

The poet is a response waiting for an answer.

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Enjoy the reading!


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Miscellany by Saloni Kaul

Atop the hill old trees gaunt in a clump
All stand on guard eternal like a sage,
On the alert like batsman suave protects his stump
Staying on is life though runs get him to the front page.
Strewn generously along the pathways wild
Are all the tempting delectations that us all intrigue,
Whilst thought and wisdom of the highest league
Lures like dramatically layered mosaic well-tiled.
How like the wild imagination does
This tall top line to realms beyond extend !
Entirely flat disregarded by the general buzz ,
Could all this something strenuously strange portend ?
Immersed in meditation, sagelike old trees stay on duty
And the wayward beholder pays the price of beauty.


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Carl G. Jung: Evolution Toward the Higher Self by Rene Wadlow

Carl Gustav Jung (26 July 1875 – 6 June 1961), the Swiss psychiatrist, was the founder of an important current of psychoanalysis which he called “analytical psychology”. Jung’s contribution to a deeper understanding of Taoist thought is stressed in an earlier essay. He provides means for deciphering individual behavior but also challenges facing the wider society. His ideas have had an influence on other disciplines such as religious studies and literary analysis.

jung01_400(For more about Carl G. Jung’s life read: Carl G. Jung: The Integration of Opposites by Rene Wadlow)

Jung developed his insights at a particular time in history, a time of reconstruction and searching after the 1914-1918 war and the time that saw the rise of Hitler and the start of the 1939-1945 war. After the Second World War, he largely revised some of his earlier writings and turned his attention to Chinese and Indian philosophy. He recorded his life experiences which were then edited by his long-time secretary Amiela Jaffé as Memories, Dreams, Refections published after his 1961 death. She later wrote her own appreciation Amiela Jaffé. From the Life and Work of C.G. Jung (1972)

Much of his writings were based on intuition. He recognized the importance of gender issues, of nationalism, and the power of religious motivations in an apparently irreligious epoch. Much of his influence is not so much his conclusions as his intuitions about directions to explore. There are similarities between Jung and the more recent writings of Abraham Maslow whose psychology is based on the idea that there are “higher reaches of human nature.” Both men were more interested in the sense of affirmation rather than neurosis.

For more of this article please check HERE!

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Summer Breeze by Nikos Laios

I dream of blue,
Blue Skies
And blue oceans,
Azure waters
Lapping desolate
Island shores.

reflections_400I dream of spring
And green grass
On sloping hills
And cliffs shimmering
With colourful flowers
Bending in the breeze
Dipping into the sea.

I dream of the heat
Of long summers,
And the hot sand
And white-cubed
Houses dazzling
In the sunlight,
And the clanging masts
Of yachts moored
In the bays and beaches
Of Cycladic isles.

I dream of the sounds
Of Greek music in tavernas
Floating over the aroma
Of fresh seafood and salads
And crusty bread,
And the smiling tanned faces
Clapping hands and clinking
Glasses of ouzo to
Dancing feet.

I dream of the lyrical
Halcyon summer days
Of my past and yearn
For those yet to come,
And treasure memories
Of happy days kept
In the storehouse
Of my soul that
Sustains me
In my dark days.

I dream of the
Memories of love
And passion
On summer days
When we held each
Other tenderly,
With the sound
Of the ocean
And the chirping birds
Floating in through
An open window
In the morning light,
With the fragrant
Aroma of flowers
Hanging in the breeze;
And I smile at the
Thought of the bright
Tomorrows yet to come.


With a digital drawing from Nikos Laios


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John Doe Smith by Bohdan Yuri

Last night john doe was zipped,
and lifted in his black plastic bag,
the frozen stiff was finally moving
to a new location on the other side.

everyone that passed his tired spot
had recognized his shadowed slot,
reclining, on a cardboard carpet,
adrift in twilight’s senseless ride;

and on those frenzied crowded days
when indifference stepped over his face,
just a slight hitch in a pedestrian parade,
for those born into busy escapades.

the next day’s music strained its play,
a cold-shoulder tune arranged to forsake,
heads turned looking for some traces
that filled some empty ghostly spaces.

their discomfort was a taxing notion,
complete, with an uncaring notation,
explained, as just some torn out pages,
indeed, how easy to fill their ego stages;

a real memory to replay, probably not,
what’s the sense in caring delusions,
besides, what’s his name was finally
gone…, why bother to remember

john doe  — smith was his last name.


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