One Small Step For Man by Nikos Laios

Neil Armstrong,
Do you know
What you have

Ymoon01_400ou have showed
What is possible
With a unity
Of human

In space,
The boundaries
That seperate us
Disappear and melt
Into insignificance
In the vastness
Of the star-filled

War, bombs,
Blood, death,
Race, religion,
Politics, violence,
Destruction, deprivation,
All dissolve when challenged
Existentially with the vastness
Of space.

We are awed
At the immensity
Of creation
And our lives
On this small
Blue planet pales
Into insignificance
In comparison,
And we become like
Small children
Looking up
At the starry sky
At night in wonder.

It was one small
Step for man Neil,
But do we need
To travel to space
To achieve a
Unity of human


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