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Ovi means Door #X


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Libya: The blitzkreig breaks down: Negotiations Needed by Rene Wadlow

Dozens of people were killed in an air raid on 3 July 2019 on a detention center holding migrants in a camp at Tajoura, a suburb of Tripoli according to the U.N. Support Mission in Libya. Most of those killed and wounded were Africans from Sudan, Eritrea and Somalia who had hoped to reach Europe but were blocked in Libya. Others held in the detention center had been returned to Libya, arrested trying to cross the Mediterranean Sea. 

Ilybi01_400n 2018, some 15,000 persons were intercepted on boats at sea and returned to Libya, placed in detention centers without charge and with no date set for release. The detention centers are officially under the control of the Government of National Accord’s Department for Combating Illegal Migration. In practice, most of the detention centers are controlled by militias. The former U.N. High Commissioner for Human Rights has described the conditions in these detention centers as “an outrage to the conscience of humanity.”

Since the outbreak of armed conflict on the outskirts of Tripoli on 3 April 2019, many persons have been killed or wounded in what General Khalifa Hifter hoped would be a blitzkreig advance. He badly underestimated the degree of military response that he would meet from the militias loyal to the Government of National Accord led by Prime Minister Fayez al-Sarraj. Since the blitzkreig bogged down, in the absence of a ceasefire, the humanitarian situation is dramatically degenerating.

The rest of the article HERE!

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Coining Silence by Saloni Kaul

Sounds blaring loud as in pretence,
Sounds soft as muttered oath ,
Coaxed into a coil tense !
For us who’ve had enough of both
Breath lithe and bone dense ,
Someone coined Silence.


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Corporate Gangster: Adani’s Pursuit of Scientists by Dr. Binoy Kampmark

The Adani conglomerate should be best described as a bloated gangster, promising the earth even as it mines it. Like other corporate thugs of such disposition, it will do things within, and if necessary outside, the regulatory framework it encounters. Where necessary, it will libel detractors and bribe critics, speak of a fictional number of as yet non-existent jobs, and claim that it is green in its coaling practices. It will also hire legal firms claiming to be trained attack dogs and hector the national broadcaster to pull unflattering stories from publication and discussion.

adani01_400_01As a marauder of the environment, the Indian mining giant has left little to chance. It has politicians friendly to its cause in Australia at both the state and federal level, but it faces an environmental movement that refuses to dissipate. It also has a problem with environmental science, particularly in the area of water management. Conditional approvals have been secured, albeit hurried in the aftermath of May’s federal election, and even here, further testing will have to be done.

Given the inconveniences posed by scientists wedded to methodology and technique, the company did not surprise in freedom of information findings by the environmental group Lock the Gate that it had asked the federal environment department for “a list of each person from CSIRO and Geoscience Australia involved in the review” of the Groundwater Dependent Ecosystem Management Plan (GDEMP) and Groundwater Monitoring and Management Plan (GMMP).

In a bullying note to the Department of Environment and Energy (DOEE) in January 25 this year, Hamish Manzi, head of the company’s environment and sustainability branch officiously gave a five day limit to the request, claiming that it “simply wants to know who is involved in the review to provide it with peace of mind that it is being treated fairly and that the review will not be hijacked by activists with a political, as opposed to scientific, agenda.” Manzi had noted “recent press coverage regarding an anti-coal and/or anti-Adani bias potentially held by experts reviewing other Adani approvals.” For Manzi, the only expert worthy of that name would have to be sympathetic to the mining cause.

The corporate instinct is rarely on all fours with that of the scientific one. The former seeks the accumulation of assets, profits and dividends; the latter tests hypotheses using a falsification system, a process that can only ever have fidelity to itself. The corporate instinct is happy to forget troubling scientific outcomes, and, where necessary, corrupt it for its ends. Where the science does not match, it is obviously the work of ill-motivated activists or those inconvenienced by conscience.

The Union of Concerned Scientists in February 2012, through its Scientific Integrity Program, supplied readers with a list of fields where science, and scientists, have been attacked or compromised. More importantly, it notes how governments become the subject of influence, their decisions ever vulnerable to wobbling. “Corporations attempt to exert influence at every step of the scientific and policy-making processes, often to shape decisions in their favour or avoid regulation and monitoring of their products and by-products at the public’s expense. In so doing, they often attempt to fundamentally alter the decision-making process.”

For the rest of the article HERE!

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The message by Bohdan Yuri

The message I’m getting is far from here
it travels in a line of constant despair.

a hungry child stares at his unfilled hands
his mother cries at the emptiness in his soul.

a shattered dream walks in solemn grief
as the father mourns by his son’s plywood coffin.

a daughter tries so hard to learn the motion
of walking on crutches and a leg to support.

the other learns not to look into a mirror
and cry at the melted flesh from war’s revenge.

they will not forget the aimless shells and bombs
that carried their lives into a den of lost tears.

but the victors will remember only the swagger,
of those who are spoiled by the bounties of wars.

at some point in time the line of despair
will finally reach into everywhere.


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Why you’ll never win at casinos by Jay Gutman

-Modern casinos were invented for two purposes: to take people’s money, and for money laundering purposes.

casino01_400-Most casinos have control towers, and see everything that happens inside the casino. They see who’s playing and know whose playing.

-Their goal is to get you to play for as long as possible. Most tables are rigged. Even dice are rigged. Casinos use several “magic” tricks to rig the games, including by using cards that dealers can identify, and rigging the table in ways that such or such number will roll out of the dice. Roulette is rigged, and the slots machines are rigged.

-The general idea is they try to get you to win 100 dollars a couple of times. Control towers will read your facial expressions, the minute your facial expression signals that you are about to bow out, they release 100 bucks. They perform the trick several times to keep you playing.

-Casinos also use other psychological tricks, such as making you win 100 dollars in the presence of a stunningly beautiful woman or handsome man, who will smile at you or cheer for you. Such cheerleaders are employed by casinos.

-Casinos know that most people like to play alone. So they tend to place guards when people are playing, especially high stakes, to prevent other people from joining the other tables or machines.

-When people win big, it’s usually a money laundering mission. You can’t tell your bank you made a million bucks dealing drugs or selling prostitutes, but you can tell your bank you won a million bucks playing at the casino.

There’s more to the story, but they’re just details.

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