Mr. Roy’s Trigger Happy Thumb by Leah Sellers

“Alright, Young Lady. I’ve finally got this Medical Gadget hung around my neck like you wanted,” Mr. Roy said wryly.

“And I am deeply grateful for it, Mr. Roy. It only took me three months to talk you into it,” Maybelle said with a small grin.

“Harumph, I just didn’t want to be encumbered by having to wear this Gizmo twenty-four-seven. But you finally convinced me that since I don’t want anybody staying with me at night yet, that it would set your, and my Boys minds to rest, and get you all off of my back about it,” Mr. Roy complained a bit grumpily.

nz001_400“Thank you, again, Mr. Roy. And it should also make you feel easier about the times you spend alone here at your home, sir. If you are in any physical stress at all, Mr. Roy, all you have to do is mash down on this big plastic button on your necklace, and Help will come,” Maybelle explained for the fourth time.

“I know. I know. I understand how it works, Maybelle. There’s nothing wrong with my memory. Or at least not yet, that is,”

“Now, can I get back to my News program ?” Mr. Roy asked impatiently.
“Yes sir, and while you do that I’ll start dinner. I got the makings for your chicken fried steak, mashed potatoes, broccoli and southern corn bread at the grocery store on my way over earlier today,” Maybelle said brightly.

Mr. Roy’s eyes lit up, and he smiled saying, “I’ll have to do things your way more often, Maybelle, if it’ll get me a chicken fried steak with all of the fixing’s.”

“What’s on the news today, Mr. Roy ? I’ve been so busy lately, I haven’t had time to listen to it as of late.”

“Did you hear about that White Nationalist murdering all of those folks going to Church in New Zealand yesterday ?

“Yes sir, Sam said something to me about it when I got home last night,” Maybelle said as she began Mr. Roy’s dinner. “And didn’t that horrible young man murder Men, Women and Children praising God at two separate Mosques in New Zealand ?”

“I believe you’re right, Maybelle,” Mr. Roy agreed seriously. “And he left behind some kind of idiotic Manifesto explaining all of his fear-based and hateful reasonings for doing it. Seems he’s part of some Internet Gang of White Nationalists who are no better than those fear-based and hateful ISIS or Taliban bunch of Muslim Radicals,” Mr. Roy said disdainfully.

“If you ask me, Mr. Roy Terrorists are all the same,” Maybelle said definitively. “They are all fear-based and hate filled folks who convince themselves that their Hate and Fear are justified by their version of God in whatever Religion they were raised up in or converted to. Or just out of plain old Meanness of Spirit.”

“Bottom line is that they wanna’ Kill and Destroy other Human Beings and their Lives. They want to disrupt and destroy what Is for whatever Controlled by Them Hell they think it should be,” Maybelle continued. “Who in the world could ever trust a bunch of murdering thugs like that to Create anything good in this World or any other World for that matter ?”

“We just All need to come Together and say, “No more ! And Wake up and Embrace the Love of Jesus or Mohammed or Buddha or Yahweh or whoever your God is and stop the killing ” to all of the fear-based and hateful folks around the World thinking about Terrorism or already in the throes of it.”

“We’re All Immigrants from one place or another from some distant time or another. And we’re all different from one another in one way or another. These are not Reasons to go around killing one another over anything or anyone, because Life is too Precious a Gift to waste like that,” Maybelle said emphatically.

“You’ll get no argument from me on that account, Maybelle,” Mr. Roy replied as he raised himself slowly from his reclining chair.

“Do you need help getting to the restroom, Mr. Roy ?” Maybelle asked as she wiped her flour dusted hands clean on a dish towel before heading over to give Mr. Roy a hand.

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