Nay-Sayers and Bray-Sayers by Leah Sellers

Yes, Folks, there is a difference between Nay-Sayers and Bray-Sayers.

Nay-Sayers are all about the “No” in order to keep the same amount of Control they feel they have always had within Systems that maintain their ability to Control all of the Controls they have accrued for the Controlling Nay-Sayers over time. They don’t like Change. They don’t want or feel they Need Change, because they are very Con-Trolll-ingly Comfortable with their established Status Quo that Protects them and their Con-Troll-ing Interests. Who really cares about anyone else ? They don’t. They fully approve of and support Attitudes, Systems and Institutions that shove out EveryOne else who is Different or Differing.

yea001_400Bray-sayers, like Donkeys who protect Herds of Sheep, Goats and Cattle, Bray to Warn the whole Environment that something UnSafe, Dangerous and Deadly is within that Environment. Then they Hunt the Death-Bringer Predator down, Run the Death-Bringing Predator down and break the Death-Bringer’s neck, back or head to Protect the Herd.

The Donkey is a Herd Animal, and the Donkey doesn’t care if a Herd member differs from or differs with him or her. The Donkey will Fight to Support and Protect the Life of Every Herd Animal within its Environment from Any and All Death-Bringers. All for One and One for All !

Progressive Democrats are predominately Bray-Sayers; not Nay-Sayers.
Like the Majority of Americans, the Bray-saying Progressive Democrats want the Herd to:

Have Medicare for One and All.

Have the Rich and Corporations pay higher taxes to help nurture and support
Progressive and Expansively Fair and Just Cultural and Societal
Rules and Laws, Systems, Institutions and Futures of and for
One and All.

Be paid a Living Wage for the Work they Do so that they don’t have to
work two or three other jobs just to meet so-called Normal (overly
inflated by the Rich and Corporations) Monthly Bills.

Establish and Work Hard on the Green New Deal in order to Save,
Nurture and Sustain their Planetary Home – Earth, and All of Her
Flora and Faunna.

Have Freedom, Equality and Opportunities in All Things for EveryOne that Do
Harm to None !

Have No For Profit (for a handful of Rich and Corporations) Prisons.

Have No Mobster, Gang-a-lang- Wanna-Be’s (and Being) Me-Me-Me and
Only Me’s who choose to run damaging Self-Serving Criminal
Syndicates for President or King or Queen or ChairMan or ChairWomen
Or CongressMan or CongressWoman or Autocratic Dictator…….
Power over any City, State, Region or Nation of the Whole Wide World !

Have a World filled with Compassionate Action (Individually and
Communally). Not a World filled with Fear-Based Hate for AnyOne
Or Anything Different like:
I’m Such-and-Such
and you’re black, brown, yellow, red, white, blue, purple, green….
Or I’m Such-and-Such and you’re Christian, Muslim, Buddhist,
Hindu, Jewish, Voo-doo with Hoo-Doo…..
Or I’m Such-and-Such and you’re Russian, Israeli, Palestinian,
American, Middle Eastern, African, Asian, Australian, Chinese,
Antarctican, North Pole Artican, Shan-gri-lalian…..
Or I’m Such-and-Such and you’re HeteroSexual, Bi-Sexual,
HomoSexual, Tri-Sexual, Multi-Sexual…….
Or I’m Deservedly Such-and-Such and you’re deservedly
such-and-such, so Me, MySelf and I can treat you as UnJustly,
UnEqually, Dis-crimination-ally, Badly, Hatefully and
Murderously as Me, MySelf and Me-Me-Me so Choose,
So that Me, MySelf and I Always Win and You Always Lose…
Or ‘Different You’ is a Yuck and, because I Fear you, and so therefore
have Chosen to Hate you in order to make MySelf feel better about
Me and Not ‘Different You‘, I will Con-sider MySelf Superior to
‘Different You‘, because you are Not like Me-Me-Me ! Different You
Does not look like Me-Me-Me ! ‘Different You’ does not Do things
The Way Me, MySelf and I Do or like to have them Done ! So,
‘Different You’ does not deserve the same Freedoms, Equalities or
Opportunities the Me-MySelf and I Do ! And because ‘Different You’
Are UnWorthy, Valueless, Meaningless, Invisible, Subjects of
Subjugation and Subservience and ultimate EnSlavement from
Me, MySelf and I – your Supreme Superior Me, MySelf and I’s
Created Systems and Institutions, Cultural and Societal Rules
And Me,MySelf and I’s Human-made Laws must keep ‘Different You’
Under the heel of Me, MySelf and I’s heavy Scoot-Boot and snubbing,
stubbing Thumb ! Tah-dah-dumb !

Have a Progressive Future in which All Peoples can raise their Children
and their Children’s Children to Happily, Decently, Freely, and
Expansively thrive, and not be forced into Suppressed-Lives that
collapse into and onto ThemSelves.

A Progressive Individually and Socially Conscious Future in which
NoOne and NoThing is Originally forced into slow-burning De-
bilitation and Dis-Appearance by crushing, mutilating UnJust and
ImBalanced Societal Attitudes, Systems and Institutions created by
UnJust and ImBalanced Me, MySelf and I‘s.

Yes, Folks, there is definitely a Difference between Nay-Sayers and Bray-Sayers ! Long may they Bray, and Bray and Bray and Break-neckingly Work for the World’s Herd and Positive Preservation and Future Hopes, Dreams, Probabilities and Possibilities ! Yes, long may they Individually and Socialistically Work and Bray !


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