A Fairy Tale by David Sparenberg

There is a stone tower. The tower sits upon a cliff facing toward the constant sea. The musical ebb and flow of ocean water resounds through the tower chambers.

The tower is home to a holy man. Bent with age and solitude, the elder lives out his days in prayer and study. His longing is to know the perfection of all things.

fairy0001As evening approaches, the holy man ascends the stairwell. He takes his place at the tower’s highest seaward window. Here he stands in silence, watching the cosmic splendor of the setting sun.

There is a river. Along the river banks grow rows of apple trees. When the trees reach fullness in the fruiting season, heavy branches hang low over the banks. Abundances of apples reflect on the currents of the river waters.

This is the river that only a season before swirled apple blossoms. River nymphs swim in these waters. Their silken hair flows out to length of their slender bodies, as they playfully flirt with fishermen and tease curious school children.

Twice a day, in the long heat of summer, a breeze blows the fragrance of apples along the river corridor—full length to the constant sea; there to mingle with salty tidal spray breaking rhythmically against mossy rocks far below the cliff of the old stone tower.

A path emerging from the forest follows the river’s course. Magnificent horses pass daily along this way carrying their riders back and forth—the vigorous pride of handsome youths.

These elements are all of one piece, adding to the grace of the Land of River Apples.

There is a beautiful maiden in this place. Guardedly it is rumored she is descended from kings and queens. That is a secret but seldom spoken aloud. The beauty’s ancestry cannot be guessed from her condition. The hidden princess lives humbly as a shepherdess, tenderly tending to yearlings and spring lambs.

Storm clouds break over the land. With tempest pours in a horde of dark lords, spreading terror and tyranny. Forest dryads and wild creatures alike flee from marauding armies; farmers watch their crops failing in the fields. Specters haunt rustic villages and dreadful screams disrupt the quiet of night. People are made homeless; many become hopeless, and people go hungry.

Daily bands ride out from the stronghold of the dark lords, searching for the hidden princess. To capture and bring her back alive, to be wed to their chief. Or to return her dead, a blood sacrifice to their warlike idol.

Each night, his eyes heavy while a fire burns in his head, the holy man studies the stars. Each dawn he peruses venerable scrolls. Sacred among the parchments is the Scroll of Prophecy. Here the elder, using a crooked finger to trace the carefully inscribed words, reads in hushed voice, “When powers of Earth rise to surface in living forms and warriors of the sun descend, our secret princess will be returned to her ancestral throne. In her love-reign peace and light will prevail. People will once more live in happiness. Liberty will be restored to the Land of River Apples.”


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