The Devil’s Own… by Leah Sellers

“Yeah, I’ve got all of the Republicans runnin’ for Re-Election actin’ just like me. ‘Speak with the Devil’s Own Forked Tongue’ is my motto !

And if God is on the Other side of the argument or what you Want, then find His Demons, His Dark-side and undermine Him with His own weaknesses. Work to have his weaknesses UnDo His Strengths.

Undermine the overall Good He’s done in the World. Use and Honor the Forked Tongue – the Seducer – The Serpent within you that God gave you, because He gave you All things – right ?! Isn’t that how the Story goes ?
Well, I say that those with Forked, Lyin’, Seducin’, Tongues Rule ! They Rule the Garden of Eden, and They can shove AnyThing and AnyOne out of that Garden that they so Choose !

vote0001_400They can burn down the Tree of Knowledge and Life ! Burn those tasty Apples to a crisp and gobble them down as they so Choose !

They can even run God out of the Garden if they so Choose ! That’s what Fork-Tongued, Doubt, Fear and Hate Mongerin’, Slitherin’ in and out and all about Connin’ Seducers Do !

The Forked-Tongued, Charismatic Seducers of the World like Me, Me, Me have always done it ! It’s as easy as Breathin’!

I live to Alter Realities to fit around Me as I so please !

Take America, the Great Bastion of Freedom, Liberty and Equal Opportunity that I hold in my small hands right now. Look at the Serpents of Fear and Hatred I have fanned the Flames for within the Hearts and Minds of EveryOne to one degree or another. Fears and Hatreds within ThemSelves that some were not, and still are not even Aware of ! Ha !

I have handily tucked Racism and Tribalism into the Patriotic Heart of Nationalism, and it is roiling and coiling all around and within the Hearts and Minds of America and the World right now !

Us and Them ! We and They ! They are the Battle Calls we Divide with, and shake-’n-rattle our poisonous fangs and sabres for !

Change scares folks. Take Climate Change. Climate Change scares folks and Regulatin’ it robs greedy, needy Profiteers of their ever needy, greedy Profits, and slows down figurin’ out how to Move things around and Do things in other more Earth Friendly ways. Who wants to be Friends with Earth anyways ?! Huh ?!

Change of Culture shakes Religions to the Core that hang onto Rules like should we eat Pork or bow twelve times to the setting sun every day, instead of Focusin’ on the True Universal Hot Core Ideas and Actions like Love Your Neighbors as YourSelf. Do Unto Others as You would Have Them Do Unto You ! Those are the Real Basics of Good Government, but most folks don’t Realize that ! Ha ! That works in My favor ! Ha !
Religious Folks make the wrong things Rituals.

Givin’ All Folks Love, Respect, Dignity, Wise and Fair-minded Justice and Guidance, Equal Rights and Opportunities. Those are the Rituals, the To Do Things that EveryOne should embrace and practice every day.

As long as Folks are Ritualizin’ over To Eat Pork or Not To Eat Pork or bowing this one way or another at certain times of the day, Forked-Tongued Devils like Me will always Win the day !

Forked-Tongued Devils like me can even talk Them out of Their very own Democracies that are basically based upon the very principles I’m working overtime to destroy ! Ha !

Now, finish your Pork and bow down to only My small hands and shiny, Pork leather shoes !
We’ve got Hatreds to heat up and Fear Seeds to Sow upon the Fields of Human Hearts and Minds here, there and everywhere, so that We can Bend Them to My Will Be Done !

Come on now, We’ve got some Trees and Apples to burn through today !


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