Point Counterpoint: Gorgons of This World by Saloni Kaul

Three winged monsters, females serpent haired, on end
Each ominous wing flap stark calling your attention,
Most rhythmic, purposeful, with ‘look at me’ command;
Ah, single glance would mean lifelong detention.
Epoe0001_400yes locked in strong embrace that would kindle no passion bright
Straight glances meeting that trigger neither love nor lust,
Instant sending trick’ry, he’d be stone at first sight,
Marbled in time, forever cold, not even crushed to dust.
Strategic thought to his rescue, a brain wave skilled
And lo ! he holds the captive in his shield array.
Mirrored in there, their eyes meet and Medusa wills
Him to turn and become her, those three Gorgons’, prey,
But eye to eye, he classily aims and at once her kills.
Armed with Perseus-like strategy, beware of first sight.
Medusa’s gone, immortals two remain out there to bite.



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