New Century by Nikos Laios

The fog cleared
And the whaler glided
Into the bay as the workers
Sat on steel girders
With their legs dangling
High over the new
City they were building.

newcentury01_400It was a new century,
And in a hundred years,
Who will remember them
Or their works?

Who will remember
The wooden docks
And unions,
The coal ships,
Newspaper stands,
Drug stores and

Who will remember
The rising factories,
Steel tracks,
Radio stations,
And dance halls
On a Saturday night?

Who will remember
The plunging DOW,
Jazz, telephone booths,
The jackboots,
Steel bayonets,
Famine, death
And the marching

Who will remember
The cross and the crescent,
The hammer and sickle;
The materialism,
Lust, and greed
Of the dumbed-down
Hipster generation
Grown fat parading the streets
Pierced, bearded and tattooed
Heads bowed down
Staring at their

Who will remember
This all?
Who will remember
This progress?
Who will remember
The new century?


With a digital drawing from Nikos Laios


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