How by David Sparenberg

How do we learn (or relearn) to communicate in the language of creation?  Roaring thunder contains the heartbeat rhythm of the hummingbird; lightning, iridescence of the dragonfly.

ligh01_400Heraclitus understood this.  As has Paracelsus and certain poets.

Shakespeare makes aware to the alert vital dynamics of the antithetical.  How often do his grand characters articulate the paradoxical bewilderment of existence, and commune or contend with elements of night and weather?

In Zohar we learn that scripture is black fire written on white fire, white fire written on black.  Only black fire lettering is decipherable in ordinary reality.

Isaac Luria, enamored of the alphabet of creation, translated holy white fire into visions, before departing Safed.

How is it that Luria and the Baal Shem Tov dance at one end of the rainbow, while Ibn ‘Arabi and Rumi play chess at the other?

Through time we’ve been shaped for accomplishment.  Better to know how the work is done (and to do it) than to know why.


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