The Differences Between Mockingbirds and Eagles by Leah Sellers

“Pa, what are you doing,” Ma Mockingbird chirped from the edge of their Home Nest.

“I am practicin’ my triple loop, swoop and scoop maneuver on the Grub Worms and Grasshoppers, Ma ! Watch this !” Pa Mockingbird said as he rolled into a triple aerial loop, swooped forward and scooped a large flying grasshopper into his gaping beak. He then flew up into the Nest grinning proudly at his fine feathered Life’s Mate.

mockin00001_400“Very impressive, Pa, and the Grasshopper will make a good supper for all of us later today, seeing as we have already had our breakfast of cheesy Grub Worms early this morning. But you are supposed to be helping me with Spring cCleaning, Pa. We have got to get the Nest ready for our new batch of Hatchlings. I’ll be laying them soon,” Ma said matter-of-factly.

“I wish we could get Chick to fly the coop, so to Human Speak, and find a Mate of his own. I’d like to teach my GrandFledglings my new triple loop, swoop and scoop maneuver,” Pa Mockingbird complained.

“Pa, Chick is different, and we’re living in different times. We just need to be kindly patient, and fly beside him until he finally finds his foot-and-wing in the world,” Ma Mockingbird said gently.

“And stop using Chick’s behaviors as an excuse for your own, Pa,” Ma Mockingbird said as she switched gears quickly. “We need to get the Nest ready for what We need to have it ready for.”

“But Ma, I am already late gettin’ down to the ’Ole Domino Gang, and catchin’ up on all of the Human gossip and goings-on in the world…..”

“I don’t care, Pa. I, too, am late getting down to the local Public Library that I like to visit every day as well,” Ma Mockingbird interrupted sharply. “You do not see me trying to get out of what must be done first, in order to get my other needs fulfilled beforehand.”

“Why in the feather pluckin’ world do you go down to that ’ole local Library every day, Ma ? How borin’ ! You can’t even read all that Human Hen Scratch, that’s plopped down on all of those collected pieces of paper they call Books,” Pa Mockingbird sneered.

The full column HERE!

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