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There Are No Leaders by David Sparenberg

tree01_400_03I can talk of myself and speak of various activities I engage in, giving myself partial identity through these engagements.  Some of what I do I might even excel at.

Before the values of Big Money, I am next to nothing.  Before the suits and masks of the powerful and those who hold the strings of puppet-politics, I am nobody, a socially invisible speck, a mere murmur passing unheard into the obscenity of silence.

I recognize that I walk differently, am moving in a different direction to rhythms of a different drum.  My heart might even be echoing heartbeats from the fiery core of the ancient Earth.   My Earth-walk is in the DreamMaker way.  Now I turn to people.

Underneath the tedious disguises of society, in the forever ever-ripening dream of freedom, we are identical.  I come to you—to you and to others reachable at near-distance: I look into your eyes this moment and lift my hands in the gesture of exchanging gifts.

The world is serious—a serious, ambiguous, threatening and threatened place—on threshold tipping lives and species into uncertain futures.  There are no leaders.  Those who pretend to be have no real answers.  Here we are.

This is you, this me—words like harvest fruit in our mouths: the danger, the extravagance, the ordinary, and the possible.

One act of beauty might become the universal increase of giving.  One prayer together might save from extinction the archangel of the Earth, or reconnect us to the sacredness of life.


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The Observable Abysmal Incompetence of Trump’s First 100 Days by Dr. Emanuel Paparella

Donald Trump is very proud of the fact that, as a business man, he knows how to negotiate and make deals. But the crucial logical question is this: how well does he know what he is negotiating? Were we to attempt to answer that question judging by the first 100 days in office, we’d soon discover an abundance of sheer incompetence. Evan business leaders are beginning to acknowledge as much. Trump himself has declared recently that he didn’t think the job would be so hard. That’s a narcissist’s mode of acknowledging ignorance and incompetence, not to speak of corruption.

E.g., the administration has scrambled to come up with the outline of a tax plan that’s more or less the same as the one that has been on Trump’s website for months now: cutting the corporate tax rate from 35 to 15 percent, slashing individual tax rates across the board, and expanding the standard deduction, big-league. This attempt to create the illusion of progress is a longtime Trump tactic.

Trump’s “The Art of the Deal” brags about how he supposedly tricked Holiday Inn into going into business with him on a casino by having construction crews dig holes and fill them up, making it look as if he was already building it when he wasn’t. But assuming that worked then – maybe they thought it was a good deal except for the fact that Trump’s workers seemed so inept? – it can’t now.

Read the whole article in Ovi Magazine, HERE!


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Turkey’s Kurdish Agenda by Dr. Binoy Kampmark

kurds01_400Any doubts that Turkey’s involvement in the conflict against Islamic State is purely symbolic were dispelled by a latest round of air strikes against Kurdish positions in northeast Syria and Iraq’s Sinjar region, killing at least 20 fighters.  (The number from Ankara is a more inflated 70).  Iraqi government officials were flawed by the action, infuriated by its audacity; the US State Department was troubled and confused. 

“We are very concerned, deeply concerned,” claimed spokesman Mark Toner, “that Turkey conducted air strikes earlier today in northern Syria as well as northern Iraq without proper coordination with the United States or the broader global coalition to defeat IS.”[1] Toner also explained that such strikes “were not approved by the coalition and led to the unfortunate loss of life of our partner forces in the fight against” Islamic State.

The Pentagon seemed less troubled, concerned more with logistical error and plain bungling among coalition members. “We don’t want our partners hitting other partners,” came a statement from a senior US defence official. “We’ve got to figure out exactly who got hit. We don’t know yet. We do know where the strikes were, but we don’t know exactly who is dead.”[2]

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan is very much on top of the world – his world, at least. On the home front, he continues a savage campaign against alleged coup plotters through mass detentions. He is beaming from the referendum results held this month that granted him new constitutional powers.

Refuting the suggestion that this latest round of belligerence was an act of introspective, isolated adventurism, he explained that, “We shared this with the US and Russia and we are sharing it with Iraq as well. It is an operation that (Iraqi Kurdistan President Massoud) Barzani has been informed about.” Such an interpretation stretches the meaning of sharing, to say the least.

Read the whole article in Ovi Magazine, HERE!

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The apartment in Tamboerskloof by Abigail George

table01_400_01Ming always thought that ‘apartment’ was a fancy word for ‘flat’. Couples were flocking to Tamboerskloof. Buying up property there. It was a pretty nice place to raise a daughter. Have a family. A dog. A cat. That white picket fence scenario.

People could be seen walking their dogs and jogging in the afternoon sun. At that time in her life Ming was a missionary and a freelance photographer juggling both. There were times when she was younger when she had travelled all over Africa but that was another time in her life.

The photography gig paid her bills for now. But she wanted more out life. So, she decided to pack up and go and live like a hippie on a commune outside of Cape Town.

Ever since she was a little girl she prayed with her dolls. She played convent-convent with them. He dolls were nuns. Catholic. She played church with them. Sang hymns to put them to sleep.

Read the whole short story in Ovi Magazine, HERE!

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Whispers from the Grave by Michael Lee Johnson

Whispers from the Grave
(Heart attack 50 years of age)
What happened to 20 acres of farmland tilted toward sun angles,
those sharp stone edges cool fall comes
frost fields covered taking ownership of rented, abused, abandoned land−
10 years Phil has been gone, DeKalb, Illinois farmer.

Did he find salvation in those gold cornfields?
October orange colors, hayrides, and pumpkin harvest
of grey, grave bones buried near the deadly bicycle ride.
Mystery did his lover Betsy
(defense, prosecuting attorney, Elgin, Illinois)
stand by his site after she went through mourning,
the grandstanding at the wake at the farm,
the dimming of all candles, incenses, and memorial shrine
she held sacred within her bedroom walls, now faded.



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Leave or let go by Katerina Charisi

let01_400When you let something go, they say it leaves you too. And you believe that …until you find yourself for the first time thirty long years later, riding a bicycle. Because you have a grandkid that needs to learn. And maybe your knees creak and hurt, and maybe you did once let go of it… But it didn’t.

You let your childhood’s dream to go when you had to get a job. You let it go …it left you too. That’s what they told you, that’s what you learn to believe. Until many years later, your rusty fingers touch the keys of a borrowed piano. And with all doubt inside you, the forgotten melody flows in your mind… And your fingers follow confidently. Maybe rusty, but they follow. You did let go of your dream… But it didn’t.

You still remember the last time you danced. It was a warm, summer night. Next to a black wave, under a sky full of stars. How many years since then? You can’t remember anymore. But you do remember the music. Remember the steps. I can’t dance anymore, you tell me. Is that true? I ask. And then you stand on your feet and you show me how to dance. You don’t miss a single step… You did let go of it once, believing it left you too. But see? It is there! It was always there.

Just like her eyes. The eyes that haunted your mind and engraved your heart for ever. The love that never held up. The love you let go because it was wrong, was too soon, was too late. And in every pair of eyes you look at, you search for those same eyes.

No matter if you think you once let go of something, all you see in the end is that it never went away.


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Lost by Nikos Laios


The wind
Gently blew
The flowers
Out to sea
And I was

desert_morning_400Lost with
The poppies
That scatter
In the breeze,
Lost with the
Berber tracking
Through burning
Yellow sand.

Lost with
Boots that
Splatter in the mud
On treks through
Foreign lands.

Lost with
Smiling maidens
That gather in the fields;
Among the heather
And stretched
Taught leather,
And playful

I was lost in those
Green sparkling
Emerald eyes,
Delicious thighs
And gladdened sighs
That travelled up to
Heaven like the
Tendrilled curling
Fingers of smoke
That rises from
Wrapped fat
Thigh bones of
Cows and sheep
Over licking
Flames that
Were sacrificed
To some ancient

I was lost
Among the
Rocks and
In ivy splashed
With daffodils
And poppies,
Among the
And silent
Solemn years
And mournful
Crystal tears
That rises from
Some soulful
Mournful dirge.

That scatters
Debris out
To sea.

I was lost;
Lost among
The cruelty,
And the vice.

Among the
The chaos
And rolling

Then I
Was found;
Marooned in
Your cherry

In your arms
Like some
Galleon held
In the deep,
In the salt
Fingers of
The sea.

Where there
Was none;
Finding life
Where there
Was death.


With a digital drawing from Nikos Laios


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