Eureka: Creativity is hard work without rigidity by Akli Hadid

Something I noticed about the South Koreans is that they tend to be incredibly rigid until their business or team starts losing by alarming margins. That’s when, just as a technical knockout is about to be called, they tend to lose their rigidity and come up with creative plans to reemerge.

creat01_400As a coach I don’t really have rules for my team. A few guidelines, but no rules. You can check your phone all you want, you can chew gum, you can take toilet breaks, you can rest if you’re tired, you can talk with your teammates, take a nap, play music videos or use four letter words. What I want is those bad habits to gradually and naturally disappear, rather than policing my ten commandments for being the perfect team member. I don’t yell off the top of my lungs “thou shalt not use your phone during training sessions.” I let the guy or girl use their phone, or chew gum, or use four letter words, I don’t praise them for doing that, then one day at lunch I might tell them ‘is there a specific reason for you to use your phone so much?” Gradually my team members stop using their phone, stop chewing gum and stop playing music videos for their teammates to watch.

The advantage of not forcing myself on such small annoying habits is that on the playing field the team tends to play consciously on the field. They know there’s no right answer as to who to pass the ball or project to. They know they will need to improvise, to play by ear, to feel the chemistry around them while they’re on the field.

Read the whole article in Ovi Magazine, HERE!

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