Teaching MySelf to Walk Again by Leah Sellers

Teaching MySelf to Walk Again
I have always Loved Watching Toddlers
The way they pull ThemSelves up from the Ground
Usually finding SomeThing Solid to Hang Onto
As they hoist ThemSelves to their Feet
They so want to Bi-Pedal around
Like the Adults they so want to Emulate
cane01_400Once up, they let go of the SomeThing Solid
And seek to Step Out all on their Own
Bravely and Adroitly all on their Own
They Teeter
They Totter
They sometimes spread their arms out like Fledglings
Seeking to better Balance ThemSelves
One Step – Two Steps
Teeter Totter
More Bird Wing Arm Wobbles
And so it goes
Since getting my way overdue
But much needed Surgery
Thanks to a Good Hearted Medical Community
Led by a Virtuous Surgeon
I have become an Adult Toddler
I have gone from Plugging along behind
A wheeled Walker
To Two Walking Canes
To One Walking Cane
I do not want to have to Use a Walking Cane
I actually resent my Cane
My Dependence upon it
But, I have not Walked normally for almost ten years
For ten years much of my musculature weakened
As other parts of it Strengthened, while compensating
For the parts of my Body which demanded less Use
In Response to the severe and debilitating Pain
Of Broken Parts left Broken
By the Predatory Practices and Non-Practices of the State of Texas
And the Ethical Ground they have allowed
The All Powerful Insurance Companies
To Buy Out from under all of her Citizens
So, every day, after my many required Daily Exercises
After my Daily Walk
I find SomeThing Solid to Hang Onto
I put my Cane aside
I Seek to Step out all on my Own
Bravely and Adroitly all on my Own
I Teeter
I Totter
I sometimes spread my arms out like a Fledgling
Seeking to better Balance MySelf
One Step – Two Steps
More Bird Wing Arm Wobbles
And so it goes
Where is that Cane ?
As I grab hold of my Cane
I Resolve MySelf to See it as a Temporary Friendly Tool
Not a Thing of Permanent Dependency
A Crutch
I take a Deep Breath
I Seek Patience with MySelf and my Rehabilitation Process
Like it or not
I am an Adult Toddler
I Teeter
I Totter
And so it goes……..


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