Erosion by Gordana Mudri

Once, when the rustle of leaves
on the dried branches of my forest dies
and when the traces of beasts
hidden in my vastness disappear

erot01_400Once, when the clear lakes
filled with turmoil run dry
and when the last ray of the sun
shivers in quiet reflection
Once, when springs
of my singing streams disappear
and when the murmur of water
leaves well-known riverbeds
Once, when the timid roe deer leave
their warm shelters
and following deer traces
move to the new paths
Once, when the stormy torrents
rush through deep ravines
quenching wild volcanoes
hidden in my depths
Once, when cold winds
descend down my slopes
chaining my voices
with the icy lace of silence
Once, when my soil
turns in the dust
and scattered with the winds
disappears into infinity

Then you will say:
Once, there stood a mountain
in secrets entwined,
with wonders filled,
in mist wrapped,
by heat worn,
by winds blown.


Ovi magazine


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