Odyssey by David Sparenberg

ovicover_17_02_17.gifMy mind is full of images and rider of the rainbow-wind  Perhaps I am a king or one who sits at the king’s elbow and has his ear  My heart is full to overflowing: a goblet of the blood of suffering or a chalice of the wine of never ending love

Who or what I am I cannot say but this: If you see me in twilight I might carry a torch or the lantern of the sun or silver candles of eternal moonlight

I have lived in the spirit house of my own dreaming and been dreamed into breath out of nothingness by the mystery of near-distant and evolving divinity  First roots of my shadow-stirring are deep down like forked lightning in the dark fertility of this passionate Earth

Possibly I am a bridge or the points of contact from which bridges aspire into arches and traverse time and space – I cannot be accurate

I am full of the tales of monstrous outrage and punishment – a Yes a No – Who and whatever I am I become but a stitch in the tapestry of unknowing I merely go from here to here – through episodes of mists and islands

Images pass over me like a stone battered and bathed at the edge of the seductive sea  And I am carving out at the interface of stone and water moth-like words   Consider   No matter how much I am aware now or in the beads of now hereafter—how much vaster are echoes of my unknowing!

Read the whole article in Ovi Magazine, HERE!


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