Eureka: On happiness: Ken and Barbie are depressed by Akli Hadid

ken01_400_02A little bit of humor for a change. In my research I found that to be happy you need four things: you need a stable emotional life, a stable personal life, an organized life and an ability to execute your day to day tasks.

I used to moan when Ken and Barbie didn’t want to talk to me. You know Ken and Barbie. That perfect couple or circle of friends who always seems to be laughing out loud so you can hear them and are desperate to join them. Ken and Barbie can be a couple, or a group of friends who like to calls themselves the G7 or S Club 9 or something. There’s always together and always seem to be having fun.

Don’t worry if Ken and Barbie reject you. Happy people don’t reject people, they welcome people. Happy countries don’t ban citizens of certain countries from entry, they welcome as many people as they can, as long as those people keep them safe. Happy countries don’t have complex immigration procedures, they make it clear what it is you need to survive and thrive in their country.

Read the whole article in Ovi Magazine, HERE!


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