Europe in get-ready mode by Thanos Kalamidas

ovicover_04_02_17.gifOdd but Theresa May thinks that she found a new way to press her European semi-former partners for a Brexit on her rules by apointing herself …mediator between EU and Trump. The question now is if the EU needs a mediator with Trump, if Theresa May can be this mediator and how big problem Trump can be for Europe so the Europeans need to seek for a mediator.

Today the 28 European leaders meet in an unofficial summit in Valletta, Malta, with a series of issues to talk, most of them behind closed doors. Trump is not an official priority. Refugees is the official priority and Ms Merkel has a lot to say after meeting the Turkish president Erdogan and his indirect blackmails. Turkey has become a very sensitive issue for the European leadership after Erdogan took off his democratic veil. They have to balance somehow this relationship otherwise Erdogan will make true his threat (and he has exhibit already that he can) to flood Europe with refugees. This is the one side, the other side of the same coin is that Erdogan is an untrustworthy neighbour with questionable even personal aims that have nothing good for Europe. And the Europeans know it. Plus that it is clear by now – including the reasoning for the Brexit – that the Europeans don’t want Turkey in EU despite all reinsurances from some European leaders.

Until now, Europe managed to diplomatically bribe Erdogan or better buy his cooperation with millions of euros and favours but Erdogan has become greedy and nothing seems to satisfy him anymore. The fact is that doesn’t matter how much and for how long you feed a blackmailer, since they see the blackmail working they keep asking for more and more and this minute EU is the victim of a blackmail which somehow has to end. This somehow has to be a united political decision, ready for the consequences and the platform for this decision has to be laid now, in Valletta so everybody can be prepared.

Read the whole article in Ovi Magazine, HERE!

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