Busy Night By Yvan George (short story)

Tony and Mikey were waiting in Danny’s apartment.  It was early so they occupied themselves with the usual.

“I tell ya they’re real,” Mikey declared.

“Naw man,” Tony argued. “I seen them last month and they were plums. Now, they’re grapefruits, man.” And a moment for Mikey to digest the facts, “Get the picture, numb nuts?”

yury01_400“You’re full of it,” Mikey pointed out. “Those are the most real looking things I ever seen.”

“Yeah, about as real as your cyber babes,” Tony laughed his thoughts, then added, “You gotta stop playing with your computers, man, and get a life. You wanna come on the road with me? I’ll show you the real stuff. We can hit all the good stops. Man, they got some nasty ones out there. When was the last time you felt one, huh Mikey? When you were a baby?”

Mikey grabbed a couch pillow and threw it at Tony. “Up yours, asshole.” He followed with a lunge and a knuckler. Tony feigned a mortal blow and covered himself with laughter on the pounce. Just then the door opened. Danny walked in.

Danny paused, glanced at the freeze frame, then at the two caught in horseplay, “Assholes at play,” he commented, as he took off his overcoat and placed it on an empty chair.

“See, even he agrees,” Mikey justified, “You’re an asshole, asshole”

“Oh yeah, moron,” Tony responded, “Hey, Danny, didn’t she used to have smaller ones in that other video?” Danny conceded a moment, and then agreed. “See, I told ya, ya stupid moron.”

Mikey felt betrayed, by the girl. “But they looked so real,” he lamented. “Aw man, ain’t nothin’ real anymore?”

“Ya think that’s unreal,” Tony informed Mikey, then engaging Danny in the tale, before continuing. “Last week, Frankie Mattola tells me he went out with this gorgeous chick. I mean I saw her, she woulda made your eyes blow up.” Danny already suspected, “You guessed it. It was a guy. Frankie says he found out before they got started but I don’t know. Turned out the guy’d also had a complete sex change. So,…?”

“Aw man, that sucks too, that really sucks,” Mikey voiced his disgust. “Sometimes science really sucks. Things should be the way they should be. Ya gotta think too, that she, uh he, musta at least gone down on Frankie.”

Read the whole article in Ovi Magazine, HERE!


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