Latest Report on the “Caligula Presidency”: Is Impeachment on its Way? by Dr. Emanuel Paparella

One can just imagine a conversation between two interlocutors as they walk in the streets of Rome some 2000 years ago: emperor Caligula did what? He made his horse senator of Rome.

lin01_400_05Today the quip in American cities and around the world seems to be: President Trump did what?

It has been approximately ten days since what I dub “Caligula redivivus” (Caligula reincarnated) has assumed the Presidency as arguably the most powerful man on earth. That in itself is scary enough.

True to form, and quite predictably he has been performing one enormity after the other on a daily, even hourly basis, governing by childish whim and impulse, by executive fiats and decrees, with an eyes to corporate profits, to personal vendettas and slanderous vituperations, often hurled via twits. Clearly, this deranged form of governing is not working very well. The wheels seem to be wobbling and ready to come off, for the man seems to be constitutionally and psychiatrically incapable of distinguishing what is legal and what is illegal, what is normative and what is abnormal. The issue of torture, which he continues to support publicly even when he hypocritically deferring to his aide General Maddox’s views, is a glaring example.

It’s as if the Electoral College had elected him dictator of the US. Certainly, the majority of the people, by some three million votes, did not, albeit many misguided people did thus putting in peril democracy itself. But of course they don’t know it yet and continue to praise the sartorial splendor of emperor Caligula strutting through the streets of Rome or Washington, as the case may be.

Indeed, the first president of the US must be turning in his grave at the sight of how low the Office of the US Presidency has sunk. One courageous prominent citizen has publicly shouted “The Emperor is illegitimate,” which is equivalent to the little boy shouting “the President is naked” in the famous tale. He has been soundly rebuked by the emperor for the impertinence of that kind of suggestion.

Read the whole article in Ovi Magazine, HERE!


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