Eureka: Ten ways globalization went wrong by Akli Hadid

Globalization used to be a buzz word we all used until recently. Now it seems that reality is catching up with globalization, so here are ten things that went wrong.

1- Slavery made its comeback

When opening factories around the world, some know that they will stay protected in an ivory tower with several guards. They won’t have to face the starving workers they hired. How many companies shrug when I ask them what the monthly wages are for their workers? Many.

2- Overregulation

Want to hire someone? 10 pages of regulations. Want to rent a workshop or office space? 10 pages of regulation. Want to start production? 20 pages of regulation. Want to sell your production to distribution? 30 pages of regulation. By the time your product reaches the customer, you’ll have reviewed hundreds of pages of regulation and checked huge checklists.

3- Collective punishments

An Iraqi terrorist? Let’s ban all Iraqis. An American cowboy? Let’s ban all Americans. One person from any company misbehaves? Let’s punish everyone at that company.

4- …. Read the whole article in Ovi Magazine, HERE!

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