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Quotes (Ovi posters)


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EARTH AT RISK VI (Ovi Posters)


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The House-Whites of Washington and the democrats of USA by Thanos Kalamidas

americ01_400It is over a month since Donald Trump’s enthronement in Washington DC and after the first hit, democrats seem to have moved from denial to acceptance and now reaction. Actually I found that there was a certain level of hypocrisy during the denial period from the Democrats. After preaching Trump for so long before the elections that he has to accept the outcome whatever that is when he actually won they flagged the …popular vote and the “not my president”. And I would definitely understand their anger and that they felt cheated if the electoral system was something new. But it wasn’t. Clinton, Obama and so many others before were elected with the same electoral system. So, how is it cheating now and never was before? Is exactly the same electoral system, isn’t it?

But …water under the bridge. They crossed their denial period in a month and they moved to reacting. The American Democrats. The American Democrats or the American democrats? It’s not the same, is it? I actually feel that while American Democrats have accepted that Trump is the 45th US President, they have started employing Tea Party policies and they aim for the 2018 elections targeting a Congress (Senate and House of Representatives) with a Democrat majority which will cripple Trump’s administration, the American democrats are still numb trying to find their way in this mess.

The average American – doesn’t matter what she or he voted – I have the feeling that is not divided but forced to choose between two radically opposite sides that divide him/her. From the one side is Donald Trump and the ruling Trumpist Republican Party with all the sub-Trumpists like the Tea Party, the “bikers for Trump” or the wild west supporters of the second amendment among others; authoritarians, fascists, racists, Nazis, prejudice, ignorant, haters, Russian puppets or at least this is what the media and the Democrats tell them. On the other side are the liberals and the Democratic Party or the raving feminists, the former communists, the anarchists, the pro-abortion, the against law and order, the pro uncontrolled immigration, the trouble makers, the marihuana smokers, the big brother supporters, the Hollywood elitists, the overrated academics, the fake news or at least this is what the Republicans, Fox News and the Trumpists tell them.This is a propaganda game Bannon and his nazi-style methods win at the moment.

Read the whole article in Ovi Magazine, HERE!

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Listening to Giorgos Seferis “Denial” by Gordana Mudri

Listening to Giorgos Seferis “Denial”

Let me live in my little shell, crying for the shiny pearls we left in the white sands.
Let me remember the light of stars shining behind dark clouds we have tried to reach on the wings of seagulls.
Let me dream the songs we had been singing on the shores of raging sea.

With clear heart…
With unchained spirit…
With open mind…
With the wild passion for life…

Let me keep this last pearl of innocence as a sign of time before, when we didn’t want to see the storm on the horizon.
But it came, and the waves washed our footsteps, and the sea swallowed our pearls scattered in the sand.
The birds have left, blown with the wind, and our voices faded away.

Let me stay in my little shell, hidden from the world we gave up to change…


DENIAL by Giorgos Seferis

On the secret seashore
white like a pigeon
we thirsted at noon;
but the water was brackish.

On the golden sand
we wrote her name;
but the sea-breeze blew
and the writing vanished.

With what spirit, what heart,
what desire and passion
we lived our life; a mistake!
So we changed our life.



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The Rattlin’ Tattlers by Leah Sellers

Rattle !  Rattle ! Whirrrrr !  Rattle !
Ka-boom !  Ka-boom !
“Come on outta’ your Hidey Holes, you Rattlin’ Tattlers !  You do not Rule the Roost here !  I, King Clyde, follower of the Trumpian Way, Rule over this here Chicken Coop  !  And not just this Chicken Coop, but the whole ding-dang-dong Chicken Yard “

Rattle !  Rattle !  Whirrrrr !  Rattle !

Ka-boom !  Ka-boom !

cats01_400“Clyde ?!  Clyde ?!  Put that gol’durned shot gun down for just a minute, will ya’ ?  It’s Sam.  I wanna’ come on into the Chicken Coop to talk without gettin’ my head blown off !”

“Why, sure, Sam !  Come on in, Pardner.  I could sure use some help knabbin’ these ‘ole Rattlin’ Tattlers !  You got your pistol with ya’ ?  Come right on,
in !

Sam slowly and cautiously opened the Chicken Coop’s holey and tattered door to discover his old childhood friend standing in the middle of the Chicken Coop naked as a Jaybird.

“Clyde, where are your clothes ?  What in the heck is goin’ on with you,
Boy ?  Do you understand how crazy all of this looks right now ?  You have got Lillian and the kids scared to death.”

“So, she called you to come on over here to get me in line, did she ?”

Read the whole article in Ovi Magazine, HERE!

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