You Tarzan, me May by Thanos Kalamidas

ovicover_28_01_17.gifTheresa May had one major problem from the very beginnings of her career as UK’s Prime Minister. Her timing. She has the worst possible timing in whatever she does. And since things don’t just happen, her choices in timing say a lot about her policies and strategies. The good news is that Theresa is a temporary solution and she knows it. It also helps the fact that she has to deal with a state that can hold her in line, like the Supreme Court proves last week. No executive orders here. The bad news is that Theresa May’s actions can stigmatize future strategies and not many in Britain favour this idea. Especially the Conservative Party.

This is a very vulnerable time for UK and in some ways it is good that Brexit will actually take two years after triggering article 50. In these two years the British government, whichever it is, will have the chance to overcome the first shock-waves, the first reactions (especially in the City) and establish a steady strategy for the future. And Brexit this minute is a very tricky road as the Supreme Court established and Theresa May, unintentionally –perhaps, proves.

Her visit to Donald Trump, the way it was done and especially the timing, was her latest mistake, miscalculation and oddly it was mainly taken as a mistake from her own peers in the Conservative Party. Theresa May did not visit an old ally and a new President, Theresa May just visited Donald Trump. The man who wants to establish globally a personal dominance and a man who has made in many ways clear that all decisions, all trades, all negotiations with whomever will have one primacy: his America first. But here comes the odd part, most of the conservatives want …Britain first. Actually this is the reason they are supporting Brexit.

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