I Am Simultaneously and Always My Past, Present and Future by Leah Sellers

health01_400_03Being a CareGiver has given me the great privilege to Touch many wonderful and interesting Lives, and have mine Touched by them.

Since being accidentally crippled by one of my students almost ten years ago now, and being left crippled by the dysfunctional Workers Compensation System of Texas, and the school system’s Insurance Company who could afford a high paid, and very good lawyer, which I could not afford, I have learned a lot about mySelf, and managing daily, chronic pain.

I have a dislocated hip and vertebrae, which have weakened and ruined my overall Health considerably with each passing year.  But I have been able to manage the pain through my Meditation Practices, Forcing my Body to Work in Service to the Elderly or Sick, who are in many cases far more crippled up or ill, and in need of help than I am, and the use of natural herbal remedies and ibuprophen.

I made the mistake of signing over my Health to the Workers Compensation System, on the advice of the school nurse, not understanding that when I did so that I would no longer be able to use the Health Insurance I had been paying on each month since I had been hired by the school district.

The moment I entered the Workers Compensation System, because of torte reforms made on the Texas law books by other high paid lobbyists and lawyers of other Insurance Companies back in the 1990’s, that I was totally unaware of,  I had entered the Lion’s Den.  I was no longer a Patient.  I had become a Litigant.

Read the whole article in Ovi Magazine, HERE!

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