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Ovi means Door #III

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by | December 16, 2016 · 6:15 pm

Talking the “City On Fire” with Garth Risk Hallberg by Katerina Charisi

ovicover_11_12_16I knew all about “City On Fire” before even comes to Greece. It’s one of these books that fame reaches you before them and it’s kind of scary. An enormous 1000 pages novel, with such an impressive ad campaign, would have risked to be judge only by it and read out of curiosity, something definitely unfair for the actual book. Truth said, I was curious too. Coincidentally the timing was wrong. The book came to me late October where Athens was still in a summer mood while the book was in total winter scent. I remember this though: I was so stunned by the book itself, that after the first look, I had to put it down and make sure my hands were clean enough, not to somehow spoil it or something.

An embossed, full of promises cover and in the inside a fine white paper with scattered rectangles in the tones of grey. A beautiful publication we rarely see the Greece of crisis and poor paper quality. I wanted to start the book immediately, but it was in the middle of a warm Greek autumn and I just wanted to experience the book with the cold wind hitting the windows outside. So, I hidden the book in my closet, under a stack of clothes, and waited. It took me almost a month to start reading it and that was when I saw the first signs of winter: Two days of furious wind, hard rain and a breathtaking cold. Only then I let the “City On Fire” to carry me away.

The “City On Fire” is not a book to read between small breaks in your day. It is neither a book to read for relaxation and entertainment purposes only. This book demands your dedication and full concentration; expects from you to hold back the pinches of everyday’s routine and empty yourself from anything that is yours. And trust me, it pays you back full. It pays you back with a magical journey in a world you never been before and there is where its magic lays: “You are there too, and you live it. Like an invisible spectator hiding in the shadows, next to its fringe characters, motley heroes and dreamers. Thankfully the novel fortunate in our country through a wonderful version and translation.”

Read the whole article in Ovi Magazine, HERE!

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Eureka: Generation W, X, Y, Z by Akli Hadid

generation01_400Generation Y gets a new phone every year. They’re bad people. We, their parents, used to get a new Walkman or Diskman every year and our parents thought we were bad people. The new generation is binging on pornography. Our generation didn’t have all those websites, but we always had a friend who had a brother or cousin who was way older and more liberal than he was and who had a library full of pornographic material, and if you were nice enough with that kid he would loan you or give you some of it.

The new generation is binging on games. We had arcades back then, where you would insert a quarter and play some of your favorite games, and some of us went straight there from school. We also had all kinds of games we could play. The new generation is binging on entertainment. For them it’s Justin Bieber and Beyonce, for us it was Diana Ross or Cool and the Gang or Nirvana, Metallica, Nickelback or the Spice Girls or whoever topped the charts in your grad school year.

Read the whole article in Ovi Magazine, HERE!

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#freemelania 16_01 by Thanos Kalamidas


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I Am Simultaneously and Always My Past, Present and Future by Leah Sellers

health01_400_03Being a CareGiver has given me the great privilege to Touch many wonderful and interesting Lives, and have mine Touched by them.

Since being accidentally crippled by one of my students almost ten years ago now, and being left crippled by the dysfunctional Workers Compensation System of Texas, and the school system’s Insurance Company who could afford a high paid, and very good lawyer, which I could not afford, I have learned a lot about mySelf, and managing daily, chronic pain.

I have a dislocated hip and vertebrae, which have weakened and ruined my overall Health considerably with each passing year.  But I have been able to manage the pain through my Meditation Practices, Forcing my Body to Work in Service to the Elderly or Sick, who are in many cases far more crippled up or ill, and in need of help than I am, and the use of natural herbal remedies and ibuprophen.

I made the mistake of signing over my Health to the Workers Compensation System, on the advice of the school nurse, not understanding that when I did so that I would no longer be able to use the Health Insurance I had been paying on each month since I had been hired by the school district.

The moment I entered the Workers Compensation System, because of torte reforms made on the Texas law books by other high paid lobbyists and lawyers of other Insurance Companies back in the 1990’s, that I was totally unaware of,  I had entered the Lion’s Den.  I was no longer a Patient.  I had become a Litigant.

Read the whole article in Ovi Magazine, HERE!

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EARTH AT RISK V (Ovi Posters)

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by | December 16, 2016 · 5:52 pm

Eureka: Religions of the world by Akli Hadid

religion01Last year I undertook an interesting challenge: read every single religious scripture cover to cover at least once. That’s how I read and understood the Torah, the Talmud, the Christian Bible, the Quran, The Bhagavad Gita, the Upanishads, the Dhammapada and other more esoteric texts. I also did work on the ground trying to find out how different religions organize, and how those religious beliefs apply in the field.

So here’s a very brief overview of the different religions I encountered.

Read the whole article in Ovi Magazine, HERE!

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