Eureka! I’m a columnist by Akli Hadid

eurika01If I had to try to define my career, I would say I have mostly infiltrated the micro level to try to explain how things work at the macro level. I was never paid by any organization to do such tedious work, that is spending 10 years in Korea to understand how the hermit kingdom works, living with families from around the world to understand how the family structures work, observing couples to observe how relationships work, working in all kinds of jobs from construction work to plumbing and tinkering to selling rags at the market to fortune 500 companies to understand how the corporate world works, infiltrating financial institutions to understand how money works.

The result is sometimes scarier than one might think. For example, I met a lot of women who confessed to me that they were waiting for their children to grow up before they can throw their husbands out. I met families who owe so much money I’m surprised they can even find money. Women whose part-time job was prostitution, and the male version of prostitution is driving a taxi or bus at night. Why women don’t drive taxis I don’t know. STDs are a lot more common than what I thought, and many couples I know were involved in fights involving knives. The data I gathered was gigantic, messy and spread all around and what I do is derive patterns from such data.

I did infiltrate political organizations and I can tell you this: most countries have a left wing and a right wing, or a liberal and a conservative party. Traditionally the liberals get most of their funding from labor unions, and the conservatives from business owners. What happened over the last few years, perhaps since the start of this century, is many stopped joining labor unions. Why would you stop joining labor unions? Such workers tell me that they view their factory, construction or employee job as a stepping stone, and they’re daydreaming about starting their own business. When you work with people who view their jobs as stepping stones, it’s hard to negotiate labor conditions with the CEO, especially for those who want to keep their jobs long-term, and it’s also hard for the liberal party to get funds. The CEOs don’t donate to the conservative party because they know the liberal party’s broke and the conservatives are going to win the election.

Read the whole article in Ovi Magazine, HERE!


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