The dark side of the Brexit by Thanos Kalamidas

ovicover_03_07_16Constitutionally, therefor legally, the outcome of a referendum, to every democracy all around the world, is advisory and NOT decisive. Period. It is up to the government of every country and the national parliament to accept or reject the outcome of a referendum and act according to the national interests in order to protect its citizens.

The best example the latest Greek referendum where, despite the overwhelming 62 percent that called the Greek government to reject the troika’s proposals, even if that would lead to a Greek exit from the euro-zone, the Greek prime minister chose to ignore it – though using childish excuses – and do exactly the opposite. He said he acted in the national interest and he had the legal right to do so. He also had the vast support of the parliament which was a big plus.

However, the outcome of the British referendum that led to the Brexit was a bit more complicated and any attempt to ignore it will look like a political or legal coup with unpredictable consequences. That’s what David Cameron, the British Prime Minister realized in the early hours of the 24th of June 2016, and that’s why he recognized the result as final and decisive. All that has absolutely nothing to do with political ethos on his part.

Furthermore, the British referendum and its outcome had a long and complicated history that didn’t leave room for rejections and doubts. The actual referendum didn’t appear in 2015 to end in June of 2016, the question was put already in the early 1980s when Margaret Thatcher changed her pro EEC flag-pattern sweater to the euro-sceptical blue suit and now, just over a week after the referendum it is too late to talk about regrets and doubts. Brexit is a reality and the question now is, what’s next. Except if some want to see a referendum escalating into a rebellion.

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