Old Technology Meets New Technology by Leah Sellers

“Gol’ dang it, Theodore Joseph !ovicover_01_06_16  Get that gol’ durned Drone out of the Barn.  Right now, young man !”  Mr. Hopper hollered at his distracted Son.

No sooner than Mr. Hopper hopped all over his errant teen-ager, a flock of eight chickens flew hither and dither out of the Barn’s wide open back doors squawking and fussing about the strange featherless Flying Creature terrorizing them out of their usual afternoon henpecking domain.

“No wonder your Mama’s Layin’ Hens have stopped layin’,”  Mr. Hopper continued hollering.  “I mean it, T.J..  Get that Machine outta’ the Barn.  I told you to fly that cock-a-mamey thing out at the bottom of the Field.  Away from the House, away from the Barn and away from all of the Critters, gol’ dang it !”

“Alright, Dad.  But how else am I gonna’ learn how to fly my Drone if I don’t practice every chance I get ?”  Theodore Joseph asked plaintively.


Read the whole article in Ovi Magazine, HERE!



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