Human Rights by David Sparenberg

ovicover_04_06_16.gifNobody has the right to take me out and shoot me.  To put bullets in my head and body, there against the already bloody wall.  To end me here because my opinions differ.

Nobody has the right to snatch me up in the night, drag me off, interrogate and torture, and leave my battered body to rot in cold fear and darkness.  Or toss my scarcely breathing remains out in a sack, along some grim, black road.  To do this and more because I open my mouth; because I dare to denounce the criminality of silence.

Ah… Nobody…

Nobody has the right to feed on my flesh, to savage my heart, to rip out and devour and suck dry my soul.  Or to feast on my family, my children.  To preach and to practice hatred against those whose speech is unfamiliar, and who look and pray, eat and dress differently.

Nobody has the right to do any of this.  To commit these crimes against my humanity, or against you.

Read the whole article in Ovi Magazine, HERE!

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