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EARTH AT RISK (Ovi Posters)

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April 2 quote


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From Ovi bookshelves #29


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Dr. Radovan Karadzic : The Triumph of Death Against Life by Rene Wadlow

Radovan Karadzic is a psychiatrist; his wife Ljiljan Zelem-Karadzic is a psychiatrist; ovicover_02_04_16their daughter Sonja is a psychiatrist.  Had Yugoslavia continued united, Karadzic probably would have headed a private clinic for wealthy neurotics to whom he would have read his poems in the evening.  Or he might have, as has done for the last 12 years under the name of Dragan Dabic, gone into alternative medicine, stressing the role of thinking and meditation and writing advice articles for the journal Healthy Life.

However, Karadzic has now been sentenced to 40 years in prison by the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia for genocide, war crimes, and crimes against humanity. The Tribunal was set up in 1993 while the wars in former Yugoslavia were going on but reports of war crimes had attracted world attention. The Serbian General Rathko Mladic will be tried next year.

Karadjic’s political career was much shorter than his 12 years of alternative medicine. He was not particularly active in politics during the Yugoslav federation. He became active in politics on the eve of the break up of Yugoslavia when the future of Bosnia was in doubt. The Serbs of Bosnia needed a vocal representative. Karadjic was known as a poet who spoke well in public (even if his poetry was difficult and not widely read.)

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