To be continued… by Gordana Mudri

go01Long passed since that midnight. In this dark room, only the screen is flashing in its monotonous glow, and soft sounds are vibrating through the air. At night, all these sounds are somehow more intense. Different. As if the walls are breathing and living, their own life; filled with mysterious visitors. I can imagine them; scratching the walls, trying to get into my fake security cocoon. Like ghosts from all over the world. As witnesses of this madness that doesn’t stop. Passengers through time and space, gathered in the dark, outside my walls. And every night it is the same. Loneliness is my only companion. So silent and unobtrusive. So cruel. Like a dark rough sea. And I’m swimming knowing that I will not find a shore. Slow dying. The night after the day that was full of horror.

Like some kind of a contemporary disaster movie, full of ruins, smoke and mass death. But there is no hero, there is no special star character who saves the world or unites all the nations to fight the widespread destruction. There is no happy ending with promises like – we will rebuild everything. There is no – The End. Everything looks like a dark series with unavoidable – To be continued…

Read the whole article in Ovi Magazine, HERE!



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