Kafka by David Sparenberg

he first day I went and knocked on the door, it was raining.  It was a hard rain.  A noisy rain.

I knocked on the door several times.  I called out, “Hello!  Is anyone in there?  Please come to the door.”  Nobody came.  The door did not open.

I went away while the rain was still coming down.  I went away intent on returning at a later time.

kafka01_400Days went by and weeks and months.  There was a change of season.  Then one day I decided to return.  To try again.
It was not raining then.  But it was twilight.  Shadows were lengthening and crowding together all around.  Darkness felt organic.  The darkness grew.  Soon it would be night.

Still, I approached.  I knocked on the door, knocking several times; knocking forcefully.  I called out, “Hello!  Hello!  If you are inside, come to the door.  Open up!”

Read the whole article in Ovi Magazine, HERE!


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