Losers, Get Out-a’ Here! by Leah Sellers

ovicover_23_03_16“I’m an Exploiter, Teddy.  And guess what Exploiters do ?  They Exploit  situations and people.  I’m into Exploitation, Teddy !  Exploitation without hesitation in every situation !  I’m an Elitist C.E.O. Autocrat that some folks call a Bully-Boy Brat !”

“And what do you consider Johnny K. to be, Donny ?”

“Oh, he’s the boring Salt-of-the-Earth, Do-Gooder, Guy Next Door, who wants to Balance the Nation’s Budget again,  like he and a bunch of other fella’s did when he was a Congressman in the past.  But that’s the past, and he’s the past.  I’m the entertaining Future or the splintering, bitter end for the Republican Party and America.  I’m the hot Celebrity Winner who’s about to take down and take out all of the rest of you Losers, Teddy.”

“And Teddy-in-the-Hat you can take that to the Bank, while your munchin’ down on your green malarkey and ham !  You’re the Republican Party’s Theocratic Autocrat-in-a-Hat !”

“That’s right, Donny, I’m a proud Theocratic Autocrat.  I’m into jihadi – Holy War !  I’m the Theocratic Autocratic Christian who is going to follow Netanyahu into Armageddon against the infidel Muslims.  I am the Chosen One.”
Read the whole article in Ovi Magazine, HERE!


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