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Films that made history #6 (Ovi poster)


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Sir Richard Burton: A Gnostic Bridge to Asian Culture by Rene Wadlow

ovicover_19_03_16As Edward Rice stresses in his biography of Richard Burton, whose birth anniversary we mark on 19 March, “Burton’s adult life was passed in a ceaseless quest for the kind of secret knowledge he labeled broadly as ‘Gnosis’ by which he hoped to uncover the very source of existence and the meaning of his role on earth.” (1)

Historically, the word ‘gnosis’ means knowledge, a certain interior, intuitive cognition, sometimes called ‘the gnosis of the heart’ by which the ‘awake’ individual is able to understand the transcendental presence within himself. The mystical experience of the gnosis is most often set into myth and folk tales. Burton believed that the same gnosis was in the background of all myths, and he studied Hindu Tantra, Sikhism and Kablalah but his most lasting interest was in Islamic Sufism.

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