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Films that made history #5 (Ovi poster)


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Ovi Symposium; sixty-seventh Meeting

ovicover_15_03_16In this 67th issue of the Ovi symposium we continue the explorations and the ongoing dialogue already begun in the previous issue on the image of God and the role of myth, imagination and reason in the construction of such an image. We continue to compare the Hellenistic rationalistic conception of the ancient Greek philosophers, principally Plato and Aristotle, to the Biblical conception as found in both Old and New Testament in the Bible which indeed is composed of two interrelated parts. This remains a thorny and controversial topic since it has to do with the role of mythology and historicism, reason and revelation, within religion. They may at first sight appear mutually exclusive, not to speak of the cultural identity of the EU vis a vis Christianity.

The issue ultimately revolves around this thorny question: are mythology and history logically mutually exclusive, or is a synthesis desirable and possible within the world of the intelligible? If we consider them mutually exclusive, are we not thereby also rendering irrelevant the whole opus of a Thomas Aquinas (in his Summa Theologiae) whose main insight seems to be that the harmonization of reason and faith is desirable and indeed possible? Moreover, by eliminating the phenomenon of religion, and particularly Christianity, from European culture (as de facto many Europeans already do in practice), by considering it as retrograde and passé, a la Voltaire, are we not also destroying its identity? Is 18th century Enlightenment all that is necessary?

These are burning questions that require a modicum of reflection, clarification and some answers in the light of the turmoil or our times as we begin a new millennium. In this regard I have made a modest contribution with a series of articles for Ovi magazine spanning eight years. For the convenience of any curious inquisitive Ovi reader I have compiled in section two a recapitulation of all the titles of said articles, in reverse chronological order. They can easily be retrieved and downloaded via the Ovi search engine.

Read the whole article in Ovi Magazine, HERE!


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