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Corporate/Banking/ Conservative Empire Versus We the People/Sheeple by Leah Sellers

ovicover_13_03_16The young Representative Siss-Boom-Bah was nervous about meeting the infamous senior Senator Boom-Bah.
“Now, tell me Representative Siss-Boom-Bah what can I do for you or you do for me today ?”

“Well, Senator Boom-Bah, I have a few questions about what it is to be a Conservative, sir,” the perplexed Representative admitted.

“I used to love my mama’s homemade peach Conserves and Preserves.  In fact, when it comes to the Conservative Republican Party, I have often thought that we are more Preservative, rather than Conservative, but who am I to argue with the Party Leaders ?”  Boom-Bah reminisced.

“But, sir, you are a senior Senator.  You are one of the Republican Party Leaders,”  Siss-Boom-Bah blurted out.

“Be that as it may, I am one to go with the flow of things.  I am not here to dam the river’s flow or to impede it in any way, unless I see it flowing in directions not amenable to my donors and constituents, that is,”  Senator Boom-Bah explained.

“But what about this Donald Trump, sir ?  Surely he is a major impediment to the flow of the Republican Party’s river.  We don’t even know if he is really a Conservative.  Much less a Preservative.  All he has done is rile the Base up, and threaten to blow the Party into smithereens with his outrageous behaviors and proclamations,”  Representative Siss-Boom-Bah said emphatically.

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Syrian children: we also have dreams

life_0020We are children from Syria; some of us came to Lebanon two years ago, and others came three or four years ago.
We suffer from many problems; one of them is being beaten by others. For example, in the school, we are beaten by Lebanese students. In the streets, we are beaten as well and some people make fun of us. A friend and his brother are sometimes beaten by the owner of the house where they live.
We also suffer from big economic problems. For instance, there is someone in the group whose brothers sell tissues in the street to bring money to help their parents. But sometimes Lebanese children steal the tissues from them or the money they gained from the selling. Some children cannot register at the school due to economic conditions and others because they lack legal papers. 
Despite all this, we still have dreams. Our dreams are like the dreams of all other children. We hope that no one will beat us on the road, in the neighborhood, at school, or at home. We hope that no one will speak to us in a bad way, and we would like to be treated by the Lebanese and the Syrians in a good way.
In Syria, we used to live in a house, and we live now in a tent. We wish to go back to our homes and our countr, and that the war is over and that our parents can find a job to work just like any other parents. 
We also dream that the truth will come to light in order to go back to Syria and all the problems will be over. Coming back to Syria is like the re-entry to paradise. 
All of us have dreams for the future:
– I dream to become a football player and help people through sports (Ahmad)
– I dream to be a doctor in the future (Haitham)
– I dream to be a professor (Muhannad)
– I also dream to become a teacher (Fatima)
– I would love to become a police officer to help people (Wael)
– I would love to become president in order to help everyone (Madiha)
Finally, we want to thank you for all your efforts and your concern about us. Thanks you for coming here and helping us, and we wish if you can make all our dreams come true. We would like that this message could reach all decision-makers in the world in order to help us in achieving our dreams. 
-Noah, Mouhanned, Thanaa, Doha, Wael, Hiba, Fatima, Madiha, Ahmad, Saleh, Haitham, Ahmad

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