Let universities be what they are supposed to be by Elsa Lycias Joel

ovicover_11_03_16“Path is the target”, so goes a German saying. Once firmly on the path, students as our future leaders will reclaim our lost identity as Indians. I hear them echo “Manzil ki tharaf dho kadham chaloon aur samne manzil aajai”. A generational change has finally taken place in JNU and Hyderabad University with Kanhaiya Kumar and Rohith Vemula replacing fugitives and traitors who flaunt the patriot sash, as anti nationals. Everybody in the government and their grandparents are talking about nationalism. It’s known all over the world that India as one of the oldest democracy with the most youthful workforce also has the most ageing political class. No plan, design or strategy, no matter how crookedly and carefully crafted would work unless the assumptions made for it’s success worked out. But such state of affairs cannot be allowed to continue. Debates on the latest turn in Indian government- oppositions relations has moved between two extremes from the government standing firm on their stance by also relying on videos without confirming the veracity of the same, on the one hand, to the juicy prospect of wiping out prospective antinationals and induce a heavy dose of nationalism by hoisting the tricolor whenever and wherever possible.

There is also a third position that of some media, showing us that all of these anti national slogans to rapes will be history if only we download just 3 mobile phone applications. All three are ludicrous. The first comes from the lazy old- fashioned, aggressive Indian mindset of ‘words are all we have’ to prove our nationalistic fervor. The second comes from a new, post- duck out and post- reform gung-ho approach that is incapable of reviving nationalism in the real sense. The third is well, exactly what we can expect from certain sections of the media otherwise called as stooges. Innocent, cute and absurd. The conflict has already sapped the energy of the nation and diverted virtually all attention from day today governance that should find remedies for unemployment, a disabled- unfriendly milieu, pollution, slums, street children, public toilets, beggars, drugs and corruption.

Read the whole article in Ovi Magazine, HERE!



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