International Day of Women:The Goddess of March by Rene Wadlow

ovicover_08_03_16Be ever watchful, wanderer, for the eyes that gaze into yours at the bend of the road may be those of the goddess herself. Oracle at Delphi

March 8 is the International Day of Women and is placed under the sign of the goddess of the month of March — Minerva.  Minerva derives her name from the Latin mens (mind), and so she has a special relation to teachers and artists.  Tradition has it that Minerva is a transformation of an earlier Etruscan and Sabine goddess taken over when Rome was established.  She has also taken symbols and meanings from the Greek Athene, especially the owl as a sign of seeing in the dark, seeing what is usually hidden or instinctive.  Minerva is she who brings ideas from the darkness into the light.

Minerva symbolized Rome as Athene, Athens. Minerva’s face was put on Roman coins and as such she travelled to the Roman provinces, becoming Britannia in England. She has come down through the centuries as the goddess of learning. In the US Library of Congress Great Hall, she holds a scroll on which are inscribed “Agriculture, Education, Commerce, Government, Economy” — all these are gifts from Wisdom’s store.

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