Ovi magazine AWARENESS Campaign

– There are an estimated 110 million active mines scattered in over 70 countries – in terms of people this translates as one for every 17 children or 52 humans in our world.
– A further 110 million have been stockpiled.
– 2,000 people are involved in landmine accidents every month – one victim every 20 minutes. Around 800 of these will die, the rest will be maimed.
– One deminer is killed and two are injured for every 5,000 mines cleared.
– About 100,000 mines are removed each year, but until recently 2 million more were being planted each year.
– At the current rate it would take 1,100 years to rid the world of mines. That’s assuming no new ones are laid.
– Angola, Vietnam, Afghanistan, Burma, Sudan, Eritrea, Cambodia, Iraq and …EU’s Finland among the countries with landmines

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