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Marte-Bautista, A a.k.a= MB

Marte-Bautista, A a.k.a= MBa is the new addition to the Ovi Team. And his first story is about letting into his place someone who would upset his social life and had him starring in his own ‘survival of the fitted’ episode.

I very Beat story form a New Yorker with …as he says for himself:

I followed his mother footsteps traveling to one country after another only to find she was immigrating to another country shortly after his arrival. Ironically, despite moving to the United States against his will, it’s in NYC where MBa accepts who he is, and rectify his thinking about a few personal issues: Being born in the Venezuelan Embassy in Dominica Republic doesn’t make his Venezuelan citizenship the best thing and the Dominican one the worst. His Biological mother being an uneducated countryside woman is not reason to be ashamed of and being brought up in the Brazilian Culture is much more than sex appeal. Traveling through half the world, switching life styles quite often and copying with the possibility of having double personality, lead people in his inner circle to presented MBa with a challenge: show other what the world is like through his experiences and show himself through the many worlds and people he gets to know. MBa discovered his passion for writing under the guidance of multi-media artist, playwright and creative writing Professor Orlando Ferrand and begun exploring memoir writing with Don Scotty. He is presently taking Novel Writing courses in NYU. MBa is debuting as published short story writer now in springtime in a Scandinavia-based International online magazine called Ovi magazine. This summer of 2014 MBa will be featured with a Bronx Council of the Arts funded Memoir Anthology book conducted by The Bronx Writer Center in New York City USA; from there the sky is the limit. He wishes his mother to know that he loves her a whole world

Read his story HERE!


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