Greek police have arrested the leader of the neo-Nazi party, Nikolaos Michaloliakos

oviGreek police have arrested the leader of the far-right Golden Dawn party, Nikolaos Michaloliakos, on charges of forming a criminal organisation. Three more Golden Dawn MPs, a leader in an Athens suburb and nine other party members have also been arrested. The arrests come amid anger over the murder on 18 September of anti-racist musician, Pavlos Fyssas. A man held for the stabbing told police he was a Golden Dawn supporter, though the party strongly denies any link.

One of the MPs arrested on Saturday was party spokesman Ilias Kasidiaris. Another, Ilias Panayiotaros, told reporters before giving himself up: “Shame on them, the people will lift Golden Dawn higher.” A number of other warrants are believed to have been issued. Golden Dawn has called on its supporters to rally outside the police headquarters in Athens and has vowed to fight back. A text message read: “We call upon everyone to support our moral and just struggle against the corrupt system!”

At last the murderers in their right environment, prison cells. Oddly they are complaining about …their human rights!

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