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How petty can you be, MTK

oviAccording to the Finnish news “The Finnish farmers’ union (MTK) welcomed the European Union’s new budget deal, but expressed a hope that Finnish politicians will now lobby for the retention of special subsidies paid to farmers in southern Finland.”

So the MTK thinks that if the EU reduces  special subsidies paid to the south it won’t soon reduce subsidies to the north? Does MTK think that the farmers in the south take those special subsidies because there is some kind of conspiracy and not need? And if we start reducing special subsidies why not to start from the Finnish fishermen? Or they belong in a different category, they have good reason for taken them or who gives a damn about the fishermen, they are not farmers? Not to mention who gives a damn for fellow farmers who go through the same pains!

Announcements like this show how petty some can be, how full of prejudice and stereotypes and how they can shame any kind of union!

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Happy New Year

ovicover_10_02_13Happy New Chinese Year  and the year of the snake

Dr. Harada in his first article for the New Year focuses in the yin and yang of palmistry, and the coming year ahead.

“The year of the snake is a year for thinking and reflection, not doing. Because the year of the horse is going to be a wild one. No one can control a wild horse, so expect life to execrate, where there is no time to think.”

Read more from Dr. Harada HERE!

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