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Nationalism – The new thematic issue of the Ovi magazine

Check and download the latest Thematic Issue of the Ovi magazine and is all about “Nationalism.”

I must admit that in the beginning except the challenging of the issue I felt a certain enthusiasm seeing in it a good chance to exhibit all the above. Then questions started. So what is nationalism and how you identify nationalism. As oppose to patriotism or as a partner to fascism? Hitler was a nationalist; he actually flagged the word as the essence of his philosophy. But Stalin and Mao were also nationalists in their own very unique and twisted way.

What about Argentina’s Peron. And why the most nationalistic elements of the British populist spectrum admire Margaret Thatcher? Was Yasser Arafat a nationalist or a liberator patriot and then what does that makes the Iranian mullahs and the Afghani Taliban? And the same time the Lapi people, the indigenous that live in a non existent situation between Russia, Finland and Sweden they also talk about the nation and need for national unity. Again the words “nation,” “nationalism” jump here and there always with different meanings and approaches.

Semantics you might say. I absolutely agree. It is about semantics but how far semantics can excuse a holocaust in the name of nationalism? Now we are all more confused since we are talking theoretically about something that has cost millions of lives.

In this thematic issue of the Ovi magazine we are not giving answers about “nationalism.” We simply express opinions. We also start a dialogue with only aim to understand better. That’s why we invite everybody to participate and you can do that in our magazine. You can do it commenting or sending your own opinion/essay/article and we promise to publish it.

Ovi magazine with the 24th thematic issue, welcomes you to a new era and effect. A big thank you to all the contributors of the Ovi magazine for their daily participation to the big or small battles we give, a big thank you to the Ovi friends and a huge thank you to all the Ovi readers from all of us.

We sincerely hope that you will enjoy this issues of the Ovi thematic magazine, what remains is to …download it from HERE!

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