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Healthy food – Healthy Thai foo!

Today a new writer joined the Ovi magazine, Phantiwa Kongsiri and she’s going to talk about Thai cuisine but most importantly she’s going to talk about healthy food!

Phantiwa Kongsiri“I was seven when I started to help my grandmother cook, in a small jungle village in Isan. North-East Thailand far away from town.

The first recipe I learned was Nam Prik fish with chilli and salt made into a hot paste in a mortar. I also learned to fry vegetables with eggs. In the beginning I made many mistakes, always adding too much water, making everything into a soup. However, my grandmother never scolded me for my mistakes.

Later when I cooked better, my teachers invited me to cook for sale in a restaurant on Technology Day in Surin. My food was very successful. Everything was sold between 9 and 2 o clock which was a great success. I made grilled herb chicken, grilled herb fish, steamed sticky rice and papaya salad.

After graduation from high school I went to Europe, where three years later I got married. I lived in Hungary for six years where I met my husband. After we got married we travelled all over Europe and I had the opportunity to taste the food of different nations.

In Italy I tasted many pasta dishes, spaghetti and others, tasted their pork ham and pizza. Italians drink a lot of wine, and eat a lot of cheese too. In Croatia I learned the simple but healthy food of Croatians. The make hearty soups of beans and vegetables, with beef of chicken and they fry lamp or pig in the oven. They like to grill fish and sere it with fresh salad.”

And you can read the rest, HERE!


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Who Really Rules?

Ovi magazine with Professor’s Murray Hunter article: Who Really Rules Australia?: A tragic tale of the Australian People starts a campaign/a series of articles and essays that will include most possible countries all around the world with the question Who Really Rules? trying to find or at least reach some answers.

In his article Professor Murray starts pointing:

An inconvenient question

The question of “who rules Australia?” is always answered with pet ideas and different theories. We can see symbols of power allWho really rules? around us, but the exercise of real power and influence is rarely a public event. Defining and identifying who really rules Australia is like trying to pinpoint where consciousness exists within our brain. It is complex and illusive. We may have some idea about different entities who potentially exercise power, but can’t put any single entity under any precise scrutiny. Besides the formal means of power through authority, ownership and control over regulation, etc., much power is the result of inducement, compromise, promises, flattery, coercion, threats, favors, and even goodwill. Making the situation more complex is that different groups exercise power and influence over different aspects of society. Finally is rule in Australia in the hands of an “oligarchy” that dictates, or is it more likely that the group(s) that rule Australia are more like a football umpire who can influence the flow of the game, with the power to influence formulation of new rules end of season for the next season? 

Surprisingly formal academic papers about “who rules Australia” are almost non-existent. A multitude of internet articles, review articles, opinion, and even lectures and documentaries exist online about who rules the world. However in Australia it doesn’t seem a question that academics have bothered to write too much about, except for the prominent Australian public intellectual and writer Donald Horne in the mid 1980s, who asked the question in an obscure essay “Who Rules Australia?”

Horne meticulously examined rule from the perspective of our history, significance of the crown, formation of our political system, parliament, political parties, federalism, the role of the media, unions, and banking; proposing that Australians live under a myth about who actually rules them. Although the situation today is very different from the time Horne reflected on these issues, much of his description concerning “who rules Australia” is still valid today. What may be even more starkly relevant is Horne’s conclusion, which Australians at the time and even now have taken little notice of.

My intention is to take up from Donald Horne’s commentary, update it, and postulate this inconvenient question again in Australia today. Many people know the parts of the puzzle, but by putting them altogether the author hopes it may lead to a more thorough understanding about the intricacies of who really rules Australia.

This paper will do so in the format of looking at each section of potential influence upon Australian society, starting with an encapsulated summary of Australia’s sovereign history.

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A Young Boy/Man’s Rage, and A Knife He Wanted to Be a Gun

A new book for Ovi eBook-shelves scarcely contemporary with another school shooting in USA. A teacher’s experience from a similar incident. A book that everybody should read for free

from Ovi.

Leah Sellers talks about a similar incident and she talks from the teacher’s side. Somebody who has gone through the feelings, because the feelings are what makes an insider, and can describe acts and reactions. Read this story. If possible read it to young adults or give it to them to read it. A hard lesson to learn and a wish to never happen again!

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Accepts Advice but Not Orders

oviPresident Bashar al-Assad of Syria, sounding defiant, confident and, to critics, out of touch with the magnitude of his people’s grievances, proposed Sunday what he called a plan to resolve the country’s 21-month uprising with a new constitution and cabinet. “Everyone who comes to Syria knows that Syria accepts advice but not orders,” he said.

Ok here is an advice. “Don’t ask for television in your cell; reduce your demands to books!!!

Later I might have some more advice but this is a good start.

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Depardieu, from doctor Zhivago to Gollum

“Vladimir Putin has signed a decree granting Russian citizenship to Gerard Depardieu,” French actor Gerard Depardieu has obtained Russian citizenship, according to a brief statement posted on the Kremlin website. Mr Depardieu recently announced he would give up his French passport after the government criticised his decision to move abroad to avoid higher taxes.

And the man really moved abroad all the way from the taxes tundra of France to the ice tundra of Putin! Just imagine the transformation of the miserable to Gollum counting coins and whispering …my precious!!!

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