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Father opposes Madonna adoption

The man believed to be the father of the Malawian child who pop star Madonna wants to adopt has said that he opposes the move.

James Kambewa told a US TV station that he would be able to look after four year-old Chifundo “Mercy” James, even though he had never met her.

He said that he wanted the little girl to be raised “as a Malawian”.
The trash musician, material girl finds the real world!!!

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Farmer may have given swine flu to pigs

The farmer “may have exposed swine on the farm to an influenza virus,” said Dr. Brian Evans of the Canadian Food Inspection Agency.

“We have determined that the virus H1N1, found in these pigs, is the virus which is being tracked in the human population,” he added.

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The Ovi magazine today!

Iran in a state department’s deja vu by Thanos Kalamidas
Was what I read in the news a deja vu, or is it just me? According to a US State Department report, Iran remains the most active state sponsor of terrorism in the world.

You Are History: Chapter 10 by Alexander Mikhaylov
Pelagea and Cumulus were sitting in Mama Pro’s drawing room. Both lovers kept gloomy silence. Cumulus felt that he must say something but could not think of any appropriate topic and only sighed instead.

PersOnality DisOrders by Thanos Kalamidas
Personal Disorders or …total schizophrenia in a political correct schizophrenic world!

Italian report
by Euro Reporter
Italy is today’s Euro Report destination…

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