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Far-right Dutch MP refused entry to UK

Immigration officials prevent Geert Wilders leaving Heathrow airport to attend showing of his film about ‘fascist’ Qur’an at House of Lords. Geert Wilders, the rightwing Dutch politician accused of Islamophobia, was today refused entry to the UK after arriving at Heathrow airport in London.

Wilders was due to show his 17-minute film Fitna, which criticizes the Qur’an as a “fascist book”, at the House of Lords today. But on Tuesday he received a letter from the Home Office refusing him entry because his opinions “threaten community harmony and therefore public safety”. He arrived at Heathrow shortly after 2pm and was questioned by immigration officials.

What about the …lords or whoever else who invited him to show the film and give a speech, are they going to be deported or at least face their act? Isn’t that a hate crime?

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Ovi magazine, on this day in history

The Great Northern War (1700-1721) was a war in which the so-called Northern Alliance composed of Russia, Denmark-Norway, Poland-Lithuania and Saxony engaged Sweden to challenge them for the supremacy in the Baltic Sea.

The war ended with a defeat for Sweden in 1721, leaving Russia as the new major power in the Baltic Sea and a new important player in European politics.

The war began as a coordinated attack on Sweden by the coalition in February 12th 1700 and ended in 1721 with the Treaty of Nystad and the Stockholm treaties.

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Satellites collide

US and Russian communications satellites have collided in space in what is thought to be the biggest incident of its kind to date.

The US commercial Iridium spacecraft hit a defunct Russian satellite at an altitude of about 800km (500 miles) over Siberia on Tuesday, NASA said. The risk to the International Space Station and a shuttle launch planned for later this month is said to be low. The impact produced a cloud of debris, which will be tracked into the future. Since the Soviets launched Sputnik in 1957, it is estimated about 6,000 satellites have been put in orbit.

With all this traffic up there and with the Chinese the last to start putting their space trash the only thing that remains is to create space traffic police!!!

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Pakistan admits terror attack link

A senior Pakistani official has admitted for the first time that last year’s attacks in the Indian city of Mumbai were partly planned in Pakistan.

Interior Ministry chief Rehman Malik said that a number of suspects from the banned Lashkar-e-Taiba militant group had been held and may be prosecuted. India’s foreign ministry described it as a “positive development”. Tensions were high after Delhi said 10 gunmen from Pakistan were involved in November’s attacks that killed 173.

Perhaps that’s a beginning for the cure. What’s going on in Pakistan in just too many levels is unbelievable, of course more unbelievable was George W. Bush’s support to the dictator Musharraf but hopefully …things change in Pakistan!

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The Ovi magazine, today!

Darwinian Lincolnism by Leah Sellers
On February 12, 1809, American Abraham Lincoln and Englishman Charles Darwin took their first Breaths of Life. Who could have guessed that those two wriggling, bare bottomed babies would eventually have such impact upon the World?
Red Hand Day by Thanos Kalamidas
Once more it is up to me to write about Red Hand Day and remind you about the invisible kids behind the khaki and camouflage uniforms, the guns in hands and the blood in their souls and minds.
Intentions are Everything by Edna Nelson
One thing we can be sure about, is that Lincoln was a President who accomplish the main goal of his presidency: defeating the south in defense of the union during the civil war.
Autobiography of a Dustball by Rene Davila
I was born a few years ago into a well-to-do family under their bed, in a corner where the leg meets the spring frame. The owners were a recently married couple and for obvious reasons they kept me awake all night.

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