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G8 and the financial reform

The leaders of the G8 major industrialised nations have agreed to hold a summit with other states to discuss global financial reform. They have also agreed to reopen world trade negotiations that collapsed earlier this year.

The move follows a call by UK PM Gordon Brown, ahead of an EU summit in Brussels, to rebuild the IMF to help regulate the world’s financial systems. Meanwhile shares fell across the world amid fears of recession.In a joint statement, the G8 leaders said that changes had to be made to the “regulatory and institutional regimes for the world’s financial sectors to remedy deficiencies exposed by the current crisis”.

The amazing thing about them is that they expect the people who have nothing to do with all this mess to pay in the end. These G8 are the ones who control and created this financial disaster ignoring as usual the needs of the simple people, all they care for is the …stock holders!!!

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