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Mugabe the psycho!

Robert Mugabe has accused the opposition of lying about political violence in the country to cast doubt on forthcoming polls.

The opposition says at least 70 of its supporters have been killed and many more beaten in the run-up to next week’s presidential run-off election. He also said the opposition MDC would never be allowed to run the country and that “only God” could remove him.

The MDC is due to decide on Monday whether to contest the run-off. Speaking at a campaign rally in the southern city of Bulawayo on Friday, Mugabe told supporters: “We will never allow an event like an election reverse our independence, our sovereignty.” Mugabe repeated his accusation that the Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) was acting in the interest of Britain, the former colonial power, and other Western countries.

The man is definitely a psycho and perhaps a cell in a psychiatric clinic will be the best solution!

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