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Mugabe fights …traitors!

President Robert Mugabe has vowed that the main opposition party will never lead Zimbabwe and said he was prepared to “go to war” for his country.

He is due to face Morgan Tsvangirai, leader of the Movement for Democratic Change, in a 27 June run-off poll. Mr. Tsvangirai was released after being arrested for the fifth time this week. Meanwhile, deputy MDC leader Tendai Biti appeared in court in Harare, where a judge is to rule on the legality of his arrest on treason charges.

Mr. Tsvangirai has been detained several times on the campaign trail. On Saturday, he was stopped with 11 members of his party at a roadblock, the MDC said, and held at a police station for three hours. The MDC issued a statement saying that it was now clearly impossible to talk about free and fair elections.

The man who is responsible for treason against humanity talks about …traitors?

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