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Child …phone addicts

Two children in Spain have been admitted to a mental health institution to be treated for addiction to their mobile phones, Spanish media report.

The children, aged 12 and 13, were sent to the clinic by their parents, who said they could not carry out normal activities without their handsets. They were doing badly at school and lying to relatives in order to get money to spend on their phones. They have been learning to cope without their phones for three months.

Dr Maite Utges, who runs the Child and Youth Mental Health Centre in Lleida, near Barcelona in north-eastern Spain, said it was the first time the clinic had treated children who were dependent on their mobile phones. “They both showed disturbed behavior and this exhibited itself in failure at school. They both had serious difficulties leading normal lives,” she was quoted in Spanish papers as saying.

So among others mobile telephone companies connect people with their …alternative world!!!

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Veterans for Mugabe

President Robert Mugabe has warned that Zimbabwe‘s war of independence veterans are ready to fight to stop the MDC gaining power, state media report.

Mugabe was quoted by the Herald newspaper as saying the veterans had asked approval to take up arms but he had dissuaded them. They said Zimbabwe was won “by the barrel of the gun” and should not be surrendered by a vote, he said.

Tensions have been high ahead of a presidential run-off poll on 27 June. Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) leader Morgan Tsvangirai gained more votes than Mugabe but not the 50% needed for outright victory.

The veterans of what? His secret services? The ones who torture and kill the Zimbabwean people day after day? The veteran traitors of the humanity?

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The Irish No

Early unofficial vote tallies around Ireland are indicating a strong showing for the No vote in a referendum on the European Union’s Lisbon Treaty.

In Irish polls, tally counters in each constituency watch votes being sorted and make their own count, giving early indications of how a vote is going. Broadcaster RTE reports the No vote is ahead, but the Yes side has regained some ground as the day progresses. A No vote would scupper the EU treaty, which must be ratified by all members.

Another crisis of identity in the EU, I start …wandering!!!

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Ovi today

Perhaps a cancer in Europe by Thanos Kalamidas
Suspicions? A lot! After all, the American secret services have proved often in the past that they can cooperate even with the devil himself if that serves their interests. Perhaps between Kosovo and FYROM is based the alternative, even darker Guantanamo.

Half-way bad; half-way good by Asa Butcher
It has been a good decade since I last watched Meryl Streep and Robert Redford in ‘Out of Africa’ and I am sorry to inform you that my feelings towards the film have not altered with the passage of time.

“at this table” by Bohdan Yuri
“A sold poem loses half its meaning.” – Glade Byron Addams

Life Undercover #78 by Thanos K & Asa B
It is time to change the sheets… our inquisitive duvet-loving hero has some female company now asking the great questions of life, religion and the universe.

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